Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Top Five Reasons to Start Another Blog I Don't Need

Welcome to a pointless blog of lists which I would love for the rest of you cherish as your own. This is meant to be interactive, but since I don't like my PB Wiki much, it's going in blog format. So, why?

1. To play homage to one of my Top Five movies of all time: High Fidelity.

Nick Hornby wrote quite the kickass book, and once I saw a not-so-sweet John Cusack play a character described as a male version of me, I started quoting immediately. I'd like to think I'm not as big a jerk as Rob, but I am, just in a different way. Our love of the film turned into me and a friend of mine sending Top Five lists via email all during my trip to Europe. Oh, and it would even be safe to say the broadway version of High Fidelity is in my top five musicals of all time, but that's not saying much. I'd likely slit my own throat before Sweeney Todd had a chance if you forced me to listen to showtunes. How Rob Gordon of me.

2. As this century's lame way to keep up with people I'm terrible about keeping up with.

A certain Texan will appreciate my ending that sentence with a preposition. How are you out there in the Lone Star state? How about all those people I know from Iowa? Because I've moved way too much, people are spread all over the country, and I'm the worst technological hermit ever. This is me overcoming a fear, people. Please add your Top Fives and comment so I can at least superficially know what's up with everyone.

3. Because I love procrastinating from real work.

I have laundry that's done right now but I'm just too lazy to go get it out of the dryer. It will probably be days before I bother to fold it. Besides, if I'm wandering around my house getting things done, I can't watch reruns of The Office on TBS. Why take down my Christmas tree or attempt to find a summer job?

4. This is me pretend-writing.

Look, I don't want to knock the personal publication thing that is the web, nor do I wish to alienate my fellow bloggers out there, but this is me not doing the writing I really want to be doing. I'm like those people who are always "on a diet." I come up with all sorts of fads and gimmicks when it comes to getting a book done, like using a tape recorder to dicatate to myself, and rearranging plot point notecards--the writing equivalent of Atkins and Alli. So here I am, acting like this is how I'll get an agent.

5. Sadly, this might be my legacy.

As my life passes, my new goal is to somehow make enough money that Brian and I might one day get a house in the north woods, never to leave our land again. We will order our groceries off the internet, and our only observations of the outside world will be delivered through our Netflix account. This is beyond keeping up with people, this is making sure our cats don't eat our remains. I know we're not that old, but if we keep spending all our time on different floors on our own computers, we'll never get any exercise, which leads to blood clots, which--when living in the middle of nowhere--leads to death due to less-than-the-best medical care and at least fifty miles between us and a hospital. I'm starting to understand why my friends started playing World of Warcraft in their suburban basement. Maybe we should stay in the city.


Lisa said...

Top Five Reasons I'm Glad That You Did Start Another Blog:

1. You know way more about music & movies than anyone else I know (psst...that's a compliment), and I'm sure you'll enlighten me.

2. We all need more reasons to not do what we should do and spend more time reading rambling internet garbage...err, writing.

3. You will force me to overcome my resistance to small font.

4. I like lists, especially numbered & bulleted lists. "Top Five" is something I can handle.

5. You're smart, and a good writer. Share your talents, even if it is internet self-publication. Heh, I'm reading it, aren't I?

p.s. Anymore words of wisdom from your bathroom door?

Maggie said...

In response to number two:

Top Five Reasons I Will Always Be Your Friend Despite Inevitable Loss Of Contact

1. You still thought my post dedicated to you was funny, even though it unintentionally may have looked like you were a homophobe and/or someone that is friends with inanimate objects.

2. We've managed to live through almost every kind of hell project/test together in this grad program. We are blog partners, forever: BPF!!!11!!!1

3. You also thought it was funny when I wrote that your paper sucked on the review of your case study...and then because we laughed in the middle of Nathan's presentation, I had to explain to everyone why we were laughing. Two words: verbal diarrhea.

4. You still talk to me despite knowing I don't like Lennon much.

5. You still rode home with me last summer on the day that I puked in/on my car and myself before class...NO, I WASN'T DRUNK DESPITE WHAT EVERYONE IN RUSH HOUR WAS THINKING.

I heart you Meaghan.

Judging Ronald said...

How come you always seem to be the first to think of the smartest ideas that I would like to think up on my own, but I am clearly multiple steps behind you. Regardless, thank you for sharing your blog with me, and no I will not post this comment in TOP 5 format (that could get old fast), but I must say your blog incorporates two of my favorite things: "High Fidelity" and Lists! Challenge can you think of a Top 5 list why I am a complete and total dork and not include: Brings Girlfreind to Informational Meetings for Grad Programs!

Taylor said...

Dude, Meg... this is awesome. This is the perfect outlet for you pop culture ramblings, non? I think so. And I also think I will be writing the equivalent of my own blog in response to your your blogs - I think we might have an equal amount of obsessive BS to say about pop culture... Let the games begin!!