Friday, April 4, 2008

"She's the Man" Is Funnier than You Think

I just wrote most of my blog post, and then accidentally hit control + n, which promptly gave me a new, blank blog. I was going to just list my top 5 blog posts for the week, but I'm not quite that lame.

Oi with the poodles already.

Top 5 Shakespearean Plays

1. Hamlet
2. Macbeth
3. Much Ado about Nothing
4. Twelfth Night
5. King Lear

Ask me why later.


Lisa said...

Midsummer's Night Dream?

Meg said...

Ugh, really not my favortie play of all time. I have come to appreciate it a little more after the Project Success girl came to my classroom, but it is just not my play for some reason. Incidentally, Lisa, thanks a bunch for commenting on every post. It should change my blog name to "Meg's Thoughts for Lisa."

Meg said...

Oi, typo city.

Lisa said...

Ha ha! I'm probably the only one who is sitting at home both FRIDAY AND SATURDAY night who has time to read a gagillion--err, I mean just Meaghan's--blog.

Lisa said...

By the way, the clincher that caused me to put Midsummer's Night Dream towards the top of my Shakespeare list is this: one of my college professors had us to an awesome activity with it. We had to hypothetically act as a producer and figure out how to stage the play. When I started thinking about how fantastical the story was, I was sold.

Lisa said...

what's the deal, meg? where are your postings? i'm going through top five withdrawls!!!

Shmaylor said...

Hamlet - agreed. In fact, even when I am not into the play, when it's a poor performance or something, I like to think about Rosencrantz & Guildenstern running around behind the scenes, trying to make sense of the little world they've been thrown into. God bless Tom Stoppard.

Macbeth - absolutely.
Lear - totes.

From there, I would have to disagree though. As much as I enjoy Shakespeare's comedies, I can't get enough of the tragedies/histories. No Othello?! Richard III? Henry V? Even King John is pretty good! hmmmm...

Actually my favorite Shakespeare is usually the one I am working on - which is none at the moment, though I did just see a great version of The Merry Wives of Windsor.

EAF84 said...

i know this is so four weeks ago, but much ado about nothing, REALLY?