Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time Is on My Side... Yes It Is

Without going into any detail whatsoever, suffice it to say I feel surrounded by people in the midst of change. What's funny about drastic change in one's life is that it is never speedy. It seems as though if something huge were going to occur which would change your entire future--love, health, career, what have you--that it would be sudden. You can be a certain person one day and once you've made a decision, or fate has thrown its fist upon you, or you've heard different news, things would suddenly then be different. Alas, it is not so. You must make arrangements once things change. You must plan your calendar. You must make many calls. You must balance your budget. Then, you must wait.

I once heard about some survey that said Americans hate waiting more than anything else. Though vague, I guess I can relate. Sometimes bad news is better than "wait and see," and sometimes you already know exactly what's going to happen, you just need to sit around and let it come. There are great things to wait for, too, though we don't need surveys to explain the things we like to do; we'd rather just enjoy those things in the moment. We use words like "anticipate" and strangely "can't wait." I hope the people I'm thinking about can find ways to sanely get between now and what they're waiting for. In the mean time, you can waste your waiting on my lists, or even make your own.

Top 5 Things I Love to Wait For

1. Someone's Plane to Arrive
Maybe you're not really into picking people up at the airport, but I love it. These days, I tend to take the light rail into the airport and then I wait for friends or family at the baggage claim. The first great thing about waiting for people to arrive is that they have endured nauseating take-offs and landings and breathing in stale air just to see me. The second great thing is that the second I see someone I am expecting, and the second they see me, I grin and everyone walks a little faster and we hug each other, and there's so much to say. For the most part, these are happy occasions. On top of all this, I get to be an expert. I have usually planned all the fun things we'd do in my hometown, and then we get to go do all those things. What's better than a trip?

2. Class to Start
I never leave work for the last minute. I used to, but these days, I'm so anal retentive about getting my work done ahead of time that I set the time right before class aside. I ride the bus or Brian drops me off, always with tons of time to sit around and wait before class starts. (Yeah, I'm also anal retentive about being on time.) So, before classes start, before the work and thinking begin, I can sit and relax. I always have a book to read. I listen to music on my headphones. Those are two of my absolute favorite activities. When other people get there early, I get a few minutes to talk to my classmates and better get to know them. We must cherish our stress-free moments.

3. A Movie
I love going to the movie theater. I will go and see some of the most awful moving pictures ever made if it means getting to go to the theater. I get my ticket, maybe some popcorn if I'm in the mood for it and my budget allows. Once I'm in the theater (preferably early) I pick my seat--in the center and little towards the back so I'm looking slightly down at the screen. After all the annoying ads for Coca-Cola and undoubtedly a recruitment mini-film for one of the armed forces, most theaters play their ridiculous rules across the screen. You know, don't smoke, be quiet, turn off your cell phone. Most of these sets of screens are highly entertaining in their own right. Then comes the best part of the movie-going experience: the trailers. Somehow when you see them at home they're just annoying commercials, but in the theater, previews can be so fun and entertaining you're sorry they're over. If you see enough of them, you can't even remember what movie you came to see in the first place.

4. Christmas
You can blame the malls and superstores all you want, but Christmas starts in September for me, too. I actually usually start my shopping before that, at the end of the summer. I go way overboard for this holiday, shopping for people, spending my allowance money on gifts and decorations, and making things. I get very crafty at Christmas. I bake a lot. I make handicrafts and force them upon people. The thing about Christmas is that it evokes happiness. Even the people who "hate" Christmastime are laughable. They never have a good reason. If they hate commercialism I just tell them not to buy anything. If they aren't Christian I tell them that doesn't mean they can't like sparkly lights. If they have a problem with winter, then they have a problem with nature--and that is way bigger than a holiday. Oh, I love December 25, but I love December 24 more, because it all lies ahead.

5. The Alarm Clock
I hate nothing more than waking up in the morning. It doesn't matter if I've gotten plenty of sleep with a great day ahead of me--I just don't react well to the waking process. Once I hit that snooze, I don't mind the time before it goes off again. In fact, I relish it. What's even better is when I somehow--miracle of miracles--wake up before the alarm goes off at all, and I just lay there. It's warm and snuggly. Sometimes Brian is there, sometimes my dog or a cat. Sometimes I curl up and hug the spare pillow, and other times I stretch out to all corners of the bed.

May you all make it to the time you're waiting for. Do what you can not to waste the time until then. If you're that bored or anxious, give me a call. I just might answer my phone.


Lisa said...

Your posts have become so warm & fuzzy. I must say, I'm really enjoying this. Not that they were cold & prickly before. It just seems that you are writing with a softer, more cozy style as of late.

Plus, I have to say, that I really enjoy the larger font. It's not that I can't read the smaller stuff, I just get intimidated by ALL THE WORDS. With fewer words on the screen at a time, I actually take the time to digest them.

Well, since you've taken such a positive spin on the whole "waiting" thing, I'll shoot for the other side of it...

Top Five Things I DON'T Love to Wait for:
1. The bathroom--When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. Plus, the closer in time or proximity you get to the toilette, the more you HAVE TO GET THERE RIGHT NOW.

2. Stoplights--Last year, I had this idea: Travel around with a stopwatch for a few days & clock how much time I spend waiting at stoplights. I understand their necessity to keep order, but COME ON! I would love to have a few words with the people who time the lights. Whoever organized the lights on Portland Avenue in south Mpls, though, is a genius. (If you didn't know, you can drive from downtown to 46th St. WITHOUT stopping if you drive about 36 mph.

3. Derek and Meredith--I want them to be together, but COME ON! Just be happy already! (That one is for all you Grey's Anatomy fans.)

4. The microwave--If I'm cooking something in the microwave, it is because I am already too hungry or too impatient to use the stove or oven. Another 2 minutes REALLY IS too much to ask sometimes.

5. My laptop--Though it is AMAZING for only costing $128, it still drives me nuts when it takes forever (okay, 30 seconds) to open a window.

Lisa said...

Oh, and I like the interactiveness (is that a word?) of this post; I was for sure clicking on the hyperlinks :)

Brent said...

My Top 5 that I loves to wait for:

1. Steam to come out the spout of a teapot--yeah, it's weird but damn it I like steam and tea.

2. Sunrise--when you've been up long enough for this you hit a sort of surrealism that makes light entering thr world even more cool.

3. Bread or buns to brown--Warm, carbo-loaded yumminess.

4. Gravity to kick in while swinging--it's the best when you really get going to have to wait for the chain to go slack because your swinging so high.

5. The best or worst part of a song--I know the line or the banjo solo by heart, but it's awesome to hear the song make it to that point.